The cltrShift mission:

Delve into different cultures, mythos, traditional beliefs, histories, creative arts, identities and traditions of groups of people to shift perceptions and reveal our individuality as well as our collective humanity.

I started many of these chats out of my own interest and my own research. Me and my audio recorder. And I soon realized that is was information that was well worth sharing. So with a bit more effort I created CltrShift.

Some interviews may simply be out of interest, while others form a part of my writing research. Having had a number of my short stories published, I’ve found more and more that research is vital and on many occasions books and the internet do not suffice. I then track down the person who can shed some light on what I’m after. They may be local to where I live, or overseas (we will tackle those as we go), so GLOBAL culture is the aim. But I’m starting here in Durban, where I am able to meet face to face with these interesting people.

And so the question was: why not share the information?

My background is graphic design, online media and filmmaking. Making use of this knowledge, I am able to create the means to share what I learn in my discussions with the people who are experts in their field or everyday people discussing their personal culture: traditional beliefs, technical expertise, creative projects and so on.

From sangomas to surfers, we are going to go on an interesting journey.

Series Credits

Host & Producer  Stephen Embleton

Photography  Stephen Embleton

Assistant Producer  Riley Embleton

Photography  Riley Embleton

Final Mix  David Birch

cltrSHIFT Theme Music  David Birch