Episode 012: Holly Wasserfall

The Singer, the Songwriter and the Afro House Artist

Episode 011: Heather Clark

The Sheppie Local, the Surf Champ and the Coach

EPISODE 07: David Birch

The Punk Rocker, the Long Pig and the Composer

EPISODE 08: Terence Simon

The Isipingo Local, the Surfer and the Combi

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EPISODE 05: Grant 'Twig' Baker

The Twig, the Big Wave Chaser and the Family Man


Episode 012 – Holly Wasserfall

We visited Afro house artist, Holly Wasserfall (aka Holly Rey), and spoke about juggling her studies and career, the music emerging from the bedroom studios of Umlazi, and her latest single, “Deeper”, rising in the charts. 

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Episode 011 – Heather Clark

We drove down the South Coast and spoke with South Africa’s most decorated woman surfer, Heather Clark.

As South Africa’s most decorated women surfer, Heather has reached many proud milestones in her career, one of which, the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, has yet to be achieved by a South African man.

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Episode 010 – Janna Jihad

We got to talk with 12 year old journalist Janna Jihad, who has faced up to armed soldiers on the West Bank, about her reporting on the occupation of her town by Israeli forces.

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