Episode 012: Holly Wasserfall

The Singer, the Songwriter and the Afro House Artist

Episode 011: Heather Clark

The Sheppie Local, the Surf Champ and the Coach

EPISODE 07: David Birch

The Punk Rocker, the Long Pig and the Composer

EPISODE 08: Terence Simon

The Isipingo Local, the Surfer and the Combi

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EPISODE 05: Grant 'Twig' Baker

The Twig, the Big Wave Chaser and the Family Man


Episode 006 – James Murua

We meet James Murua, a blogger, journalist, editor and columnist from Nairobi, Kenya visiting Durban’s humid shores. As one of the few bloggers covering the African literary scene so comprehensively I wanted to take the opportunity of James’ visit, attending and being a panelist at the Time of the Writer – to pick his brain about what’s happening out there and which authors we should be watching.

For more information on this episode visit cltrshift.com/james-murua/

Episode 005 – Grant ‘Twig’ Baker

We continue our dabbling into surf culture and if ever there was a subculture within a subculture it’s the big wave riders of the world. We got the opportunity to sit down with Durban’s two time Big Wave surf champ, Grant “Twiggy” Baker, to talk family life, chasing cold winter waters, and surviving 60 foot waves.

For more information on this episode visit cltrshift.com/grant-twig-baker/

BONUS: FULL 2 Hour Lecture – Dr VVO Mkhize

From the original lecture by Dr VVO Mkhize, this bonus episode includes the full 2 hour lecture including the Q&A.

For more information on this episode and the lecture, visit cltrshift.com/dr-vvo-mkhize/

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